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A Guidebook for Reinventing How People Learn in Corporate

This guidebook explores the science behind adult learning, how behavioral science can be used to improve learning in corporates and the role of technology in supporting training employees in the workplace.

The need to change corporate learning

Organizations worldwide have invested significantly in training their workforce, yet many employees feel unprepared to master their jobs. Despite technological advancements, the main challenge in corporate training lies in delivery, with a significant percentage of training lacking a well-defined strategy.

The COVID crisis has made CEOs recognize that the lack of appropriate talent poses a significant risk to their organization's future, prompting them to prioritize resources and reprioritize learning content. The priority during the crisis has been on skills addressing challenges, agility, and employee motivation.

Building these skills and behaviors requires a different learning framework that leverages human mental power to unlearn previous practices, create self-management processes, and reduce resistance to change.

This white paper explores:

  • The Learning Process

  • Memorizing vs Meaningful Learning

  • Techniques for Better Retention and Recall

  • Reducing the Gap Between How the Brain Functions and Adult Learning

  • How Technology Can Help Improve Corporate Learning

  • Learning in the Flow of Work

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