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Join us and Take the Lead to Create Amazing Work Cultures

At PeopleKult, we have created an amazing work culture, where we all live and breath our sense of purpose and belonging - isn't better to work in place where you feel at home?. We have built a company that fully supports people needs of flexibility, work-life balance and personal growth.

We are looking for Content Research Associates (Internship) 

A  3 months remote program for university students open to the whole world.
Our next cohort starts on 1st May.

Applications close on 31st March 2024.

Start your application Now

The next cohort of the Research Associates Internship starts 1st May.

After your application is accepted, You will go to the next step: the online interview with us.

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The Associate Internship

An Amazing Learning Opportunity


The Internship

You will work the equivalent of 16 hours per week, remote and with flexible working hours. 


You want to learn what it is to work in a tech startup (yes, we are building the next work culture analytics platform).


The internship lasts 3 months.


We want You

  • You are curious and aren’t shy to learn new stuff  

  • You are interested on understanding: human behavior, how organizations develop great work cultures and how to accelerate business performance 

  • We all work remote, and this doesn’t scare you   

  • You know how to get stuff done – we don’t check presence – we believe autonomy is a precious thing 


The Action

You will do research and prepare great articles and white papers on several topics related to work culture and innovation: this includes internet search, visualization of data, assessing data, writing articles and yes using a bit of Generative AI to help you write amazing content


The Perks

This is a non-paid internship. Instead - You get: 


  • Mentorship and classes on soft skills,  

  • One-on-one entrepreneurship guidance from the Partners  

  • Free coaching – career development    


We will allocate exclusive time for mentorship and coaching on a weekly basis.  Each intern that completes the program will receive a certificate of completion and a LinkedIn recommendation. There will also be opportunities for a paid role with us.  

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