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Listen in real-time. Understand better. Act faster.

Culturama Live improves employee experience, engagement and productivity using real-time insights and recommendations.

AI sees what you could miss

Our AI engine is tailor made to understand the way people talk. It easily analyzes unstructured conversations to uncover what people care about, prioritizes actions and improves your human and business outcomes.

Channel all employees signals to get to one truth

Get a rich full view of your employees from multiple sources in real-time. 

Take action in the moment

Get insights into the right people in your organization in real time. You don't wait for the next "survey" or 'hands-on' meeting - take action on the spot.

Feed your stream of actions with external expertise

Wanting to get on demand expertise to find the right action to a challenge? Want to source our expertise on the go? We've got you covered.

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A real-time platform to build exceptional business results, high-performing teams, and products people love.

Culturama Live is an AI system that helps boards and
management understand their company’s true state
by continuously analyzing crowdsourced employee
opinions, sentiments and ideas in their own words.

Visualizing ideas on board

How it works

Functionality You Will Love


Capture Real-Time Voices

Employees can share their views at any time: sentiments, opinions, ideas, what works or not. Just like a conversation. Our AI will make it digestible and actionable.


Prioritize your next action

We benchmark your performance against leading companies and against your own priorities that affect your business results: such as attrition, well-being, manager effectiveness, agility, innovation and more.


Visualize Insights

We have designed powerful analytics that helps anyone understand opportunities and challenges in the organization. Not only what's going on but when and where.


Act on our recommendations

Who needs just insights? We provide prompt recommendations on your next actions.

We have a built a team of behavioral scientists, organizational psychologists and innovation pundits to provide best-in-class actions.

Faster actions to tackle the root cause of problems

The most human AI-based analytics to make the best decisions for your workforce and your bottom line.

Managers Shouldn't Struggle to
Understand Their People

culturama (2).gif

Information Passed Across Management Layers is Distorted and Delayed
It takes time to solve a challenge
Disconnect Between Employees and Decision-Makers
Employees gain early, valuable insights. Yet, they miss a rapid pathway to share these with decision-makers.

Surveys are done occasionally and only answer answers to pre-set questions
Limiting the scope of feedback, real context and often times solutions
Reliance on Simplistic Business Metrics
Traditional metrics often fail to capture business-specific nuance

An all-in-one Voice of Employees Experience

Image by Stephen Dawson


Employee Engagement

Listen to and understand your employees so you can help them perform at their best and drive positive business outcomes.


Transformation and Change

A platform to put employees at the centre of your transformation efforts to drive positive change and improve business performance.


Solutions Sprints

On demand recommendation of actual solutions from human experts. We assess live results from our platform, create micro-experiments and implement sustainable solutions to improve your KPI's

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