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Work culture is expressed through great communication that motivates curiosity and inspire people.

A communication framework and practice based on science

Communication is at the heart of any strong organization culture. 
This program, is made to create effective messages to transform values into inspiring behaviors around the organization. The program is built using the groundbreaking Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ framework from Dr. Brian Glibkowski.
​Answer Intelligence (AQ)™ is the ability to provide elevated answers to explain complex concepts, emotionally connect, and achieve results.

In this program, you will experience how Human-centric communication supports your culture and vice versa. The program is based on natural conversations with direct reports or peers to reinforce values and behaviors in an organization.

AQ Framework

A boot-camp to explain and inspire behaviors that redefine your company culture



• Design a communication process to share effective messages around your company values

• Explore narratives that can inspire people to take sustainable actions that support your company culture

• Explore influencing techniques by giving compelling answers on your organizations culture

• Master difficult answers around the organization purpose, values and behaviors

• Build capacity to create and prioritize key messages when communicating culture

• Improve your capacity to connect and embrace inclusion

"Companies that have higher effective internal communications had 47% higher total returns to shareholders."

Towers Watson

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