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NEW! The Guidebook for Reinventing How People Learn in Corporate is available.

PeopleKult (re)shapes work cultures. We equip people with the skills, mindsets and behaviors to deliver business and human value. 

Our approach to culture change is based on behavioral science and analytics.

We scale up change consistently and efficiently.

We diagnose and activate change where it matters.

A powerful assessment and action blueprint to inspire change and drive action on your organization.

We make it easy for people to enable and act on behaviors linked to their organization culture


  • Connecting people’s BEHAVIORS to BUSINESS outcomes

  • Diagnosing culture pain points

  • Scaling up a new culture: short and sweet

  • Fixing the usual HUMAN problems: collaboration, agility, connection, innovation, resilience and drive

  • Fixing the culture enablers: processes, systems and governance

  • Detoxing from a bad bad culture


Make the right decisions for the right business outcomes

We deliver an actionable blue-print for action:

⚡ Culture, Performance and Engagement Vision

⚡ Organization Assessment and debrief

⚡ Action plans based on our behavioral model for change at all levels of your organization: Leadership, Mid-managers & self-contributor

We make stronger performance sustainable by addressing individual and collective behaviors—including culture, mindsets, capabilities.

🚀 Higher Productivity / lower Presenteeism
🚀 Insights & Actions performance challenges
🚀 Insights & Actions Cultural challenges
🚀 Higher organization's commitment and engagement 


Ruelle de la Boulangerie, 1321,

Arnex, Switzerland

1 Lake Plaza Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster T, Dubai, UAE

+971 78 620 51 16

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